A Woman Reading

IMG_0808There is something captivating about a painting of a woman reading. This genre has been around since the time of Vermeer, probably earlier. When Shannon sat to have her portrait painted she was a bit nervous and I suggested that she read a book to occupy her time during the portrait. I thought this would put her more at ease. As the painting developed the pose seemed so natural that we kept it.

Many people go out to buy a painting and just like me, they are struck by a genre like this. The woman reading has been done by so many artists that you are bound to find one by an artist you love. However, why buy a painting of some random woman reading when you could have a painting that is more personal, original and meaningful.

Over the years I have painted many pieces that would be considered “generic” in a fine art sense. But, when we take motifs of art history such as this and make artworks about you and your life there is nothing generic about the outcome. These genres lend themselves to a more natural view of our daily lives. The result, I hope Shannon would agree, is to make timeless a moment of time.


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