My first gallery solo exhibition opens in weeks.

I am still searching for a gallery to represent my work. My next step in what has become my ongoing summer project is to stage an exhibition of my work at a local arts organization: Artworks Downtown in San Rafael, CA. I have been associated with this local nonprofit off and on for years now. As a mater of fact. Before we moved to San Rafael I was featured in the SF Chronical related to a show I was in at AWD. I sold a plein aire piece that I made in that exhibit. It was a really positive experience. 

So it is fitting that I will be exhibiting with them again. The point of this exhibition is to sell some of my work. All of the galleries that I have been in contact with recently have told me that they need a more solid sales history before they will even think of representing me. So, I need to get some sales under my belt. 

I have had so many kind words spoken of my work over the last few years. Well intentioned friends and aquaintances have complimented my work. But, now the proof will be in the pudding. If I can sell a good amount of work I will be in a much better position when I go to show my work to a gallery.

Here is a new piece that I will be including in the show: 

 Its a drawing after a Claude Lorrain print.

As I look around my world I see pastoral scenes on every street corner. I hope that these scenes of our contemporary suburban life will sell. I feel that I have Ben making art about this subject for so many years. Whether in an abstract iteration or a highly refined still life of a 40 oz the subject has not really wavered. 

There is beauty in our experience. I don’t feel I am being grandiose when I say that I am expressing the beauty of our experience. These artworks I am trying to sell are a suburban California boy’s view of his world. I am speaking for many when I make my artworks. Hopefully others will find these artworks as relevant as I feel they are and they’ll buy them. That’s the validation I need at this stage in my career. Kind words and infrequent sales aren’t going to sustain me anymore. I need to sell some art!!!


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