Cul de Sac

I have had the words Cul de Sac pinned to my bulletin board in my studio for almost a year now. Finally I am getting this work up to be seen. I have been ruminating on the aesthetic of our suburban culture here in California for years. These artworks are focused on “our” culture. IMG_0295

I have tried to paint what I see. I have tried with this work to get across the feeling that my world has. By going out and dragging my easel to these locations I have tried incarnate this world upon my panels with paint. All the while I have had in my head a vision of my world. It is not a vision that is marked with scenic little downtown vistas or posed groups of people. It is instead the feeling of free spirits walking in the middle of a road. I paint skaters skating through suburban streets because they are free souls. Never have I been as free as I was when I was that skater, bored and contemptuous. There is great beauty in our world and I hope that you can find some of it in this work that I have been making.


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