So this graphic novel that I am writing is about an old gutter punk. He drinks, smokes weed and spends his time skating around and getting into trouble. I know what you’re thinking, and you are right. This story is based on your life.

Now, you might think that you get can get paid because I am using your life to write my story. Forget about it! All my bros out their who see similarities to themselves can go F-Off if they think they can get a cut of this action. This story is one hundred percent original material.

Owen is an old soul and free as a bird. If any of my friends out their remember Dominic from middle school, hair like Slash from G & R, Megadeath t-shirt etc. (I don’t think he even made it to high school). He kept his head down on his desk all through seventh grade math in the row next to mine. Owen is like that kid. What’s up with that kid? Why does he not care about school or keeping up appearances at all? In this book I try to imagine what these guys are doing that keeps them so tired they have to catch up on sleep during 3rd period. I see them doing some pretty noble shit. I really feel that on some level these guys are out their saving the world.

For everything that Owen is, this story is just as much about what he is not. Owen is not popular, successful, driven, or even the least bit put together. He and his friend Georgie spend their time combating the ambitious and successful hordes. I hope you are wondering why they would want to. I hope you are wondering what could possibly be so right about my two loser protagonists and so wrong with everyone they hate.


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