In Situ

I just started at a new restaurant. For those who haven't been, Beerworks is a really amazing spot. Anyway, as I left the restaurant to go to my car I came upon the mural that I put up in Molina. Here's a couple of pics of it.

I was asked to make this mural to put in the windows as the restaurant gets totally reimagined. I painted it with a heavy heart. Molina was such an amazing place. It's mix of California farm to table fare along with its aesthetic of vinyl spinning and black on white artworks just filled me with joy as I worked. It was really catching the feeling of the Marin County I have come to love.

The mural takes that rough hewn feeling of the interior design and tries to mix in the elegance of the food in its loose brushwork. Much like Molina it was an experiential artwork. One that was complete in the making.

My first night in Beerworks brought back the feeling of working in Molina. The ambiance is that same dark wood, rough metal elegance. The food was really beautiful and the selection of beers really took it to the next level. I am really looking forward to this new spot.


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